I got my baby back!!!

So, she decided that i’m worth the risk. I know some of you have been silently hoping for this. I have been bit silently an not-so-silently. I could say so much right now. But I know that all the need be said is that I love her. I know this. She loves me. She knows this. We want this to work. We are willing to do what we need to do to let this grow and thrive and be the kind of love that make little old itallian men cry on thier front porch on a spring afternoon.

May 17th, 2005 | Blog


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hmm, need to speak to us, eh? Not long now! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Comment by Jen — June 14, 2005 @ 1:40 pm

Okay, now I’m really curious as to what you want to ask us…

See what happens when you don’t update your blog? You get stupid comments like this one! 🙂

Comment by Jen — June 2, 2005 @ 11:23 am

Even though I never knew you broke hope, I’m happy your back together. 🙂

Comment by Sandi — May 22, 2005 @ 9:14 pm

w00t! Way to go kids! Me Happy 4 U! YAY!

Comment by Savage — May 21, 2005 @ 1:36 pm

Well, we’re certainly looking forward to seeing you both when we come out, so you can ask until your heart’s content.

And again…


Woot, I say!

Comment by Captain Bob — May 20, 2005 @ 5:25 am

Yay! Go Rook! 🙂
(I’d been wishing and hoping for you too)

Comment by Jenny — May 19, 2005 @ 3:20 pm

YAY! YAY YAY YAY!!!! *does the happy dance* Goddamnit I’m so friggin happy for you two because you are such a great match! Seriously, my heart is pounding at the “official” news that you are together still…again…whatever! I was so hoping!

Big fat hugs to you both because I love you both to bits!

Comment by Lafay — May 18, 2005 @ 3:57 pm

LOL. That palpable change is a GOOD palpable change. Should clarify that.

Comment by Rook — May 18, 2005 @ 8:56 am

No, there is a very palpable change in the relationship. HEY, when you guys come out, i need to speak to the two you of. I need some advice on something that you two are pretty well versed in.

Comment by Rook — May 18, 2005 @ 8:55 am


Comment by Captain Bob — May 18, 2005 @ 6:31 am

Beautiful, man. I’m so happy for both of you. Can’t wait to see you guys — and hey, for us, it’ll be like there was never any change! 😛

Comment by Jen — May 18, 2005 @ 6:15 am

Woohoo! *hugs*

Comment by Mishie — May 17, 2005 @ 11:01 pm